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Learning the guitar

This year I'm going to make the most of my uni holidays. I always wanted to learn the guitar, but last holidays I just slept in every day and went out each night instead. So I'm starting this blog to show my progress as well as taking some professional lessons to help me stay motivated with learning the guitar. Hopefully, by the time that uni goes back, I'll be good at guitar and able to show my mad music skills off at parties and get-togethers. This should be a good read for anyone who wants to get motivated this holidays.

Learning the guitar

4 Things Driving Examiners Are Constantly Aware Of

Victoria Wong

Passing your driving test could literally change your life, opening new work, social and educational opportunities that were otherwise unattainable. With so much to lose, nerves can easily get the best of you. To boost your chance of success, you must not only understand the process of driving, but what examiners are actively looking for.

Your Ability to Plan Ahead

Even if you have already glanced in your rearview mirror, make it obvious to your driving examiner. They will be constantly assessing your ability to scan your surroundings and plan ahead. While you don't have to exaggerate your movements or provide a running commentary, make them known. For example, if you spot somebody walking towards a crossing, start slowing down, or if you're approaching a roundabout, get in the right lane nice and early.

Your Confidence to Make Decisions

Every time you start the engine, lives are at stake. Driving is dangerous and unpredictable; therefore, you need to be able to cope under pressure. You must have the confidence to make fast decisions and stick to them – uncertainty causes accidents. For example, if you hear a siren approaching from behind, you should determine a safe place to pull over in a heartbeat.

Your Control Over the Vehicle

Almost anyone can get from A to B. But to truly shine, you must get from A to B as smoothly, safely and efficiently as possible. While stalling once isn't a huge problem, consistently poor clutch control is. Even something seemingly small, such as drifting a few inches when your driving in a straight line or failing to maintain a constant speed, puts you at risk of failing if it keeps on happening over and over again.

Your Ability to Avoid Undue Hesitation

When every move you make is under close scrutiny, you will probably be extra cautious. Of course, safety is of paramount importance; but when apprehension makes you hesitate, you're no longer in complete control. Examiners will expect you to take a little more time to make decisions and perform basic manoeuvres, but they will also take note if you don't pull out of junctions when you have an opportunity, or if you keep slowing down for minor/non-existent hazards. This is a tell-tale sign that you lack confidence.

Practice makes perfect. Even when you feel ready for the test, keep practicing until the final hour. Driving lessons are costly, and the learning process may be long and gruelling, but the reward is well worth it.